Setting Realistic New Years Goals

As the year winds down, we come across a time-honored tradition – New Years’ resolutions!  One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is one of the hardest to keep.  Every year, thousands of people vow to exercise the minute the ball drops.  And year after year, within a few months – or even weeks – these resolutions have gone by the wayside.  Here are a few tips for making resolutions that will stick
1. Don’t set unrealistic goals.  One of the most common things you hear from people is that they want “rock-hard abs.”  Well, this may be great for Brad Pitt in Fight Club, but it shouldn’t be your goal in the first few months of working out, as bodies like that can take years to sculpt properly.  Focus on your overall fitness at first, then when you’re really in the swing of things you can reset and aim higher with your goals.
2. Adjust your diet.  All the exercise in the world won’t help you if you aren’t eating right.  Depending on the results you want, different diets will be a large component in getting there.  Are you looking to lose weight?  You’ll have to watch your calories.  Trying to build your cardio and endurance?  Diets with higher carbs tend to work better.  Looking to build muscle?  Lean protein is the way to go.  Be sure to consult with a nutritionist when setting your goals so that all aspects of your fitness program are working together.
3. Work with a partner.  It’s hard to go it alone!  Career coach Letisha Bereola says on CNBC, “It can be really hard to keep resolutions on your own, but bringing a friend or mentor into the conversation can make it fun and get you out of your head.”  People who pursue their goals with a partner are 65% more likely to achieve them.
So if you’re one of the many looking to work out more in the coming year, follow these simple tips and you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to succeed.