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How Food Consumption Affects Our Air

When thinking about greenhouse emissions, one might think of large factories or a highway jam packed with cars.  As it turns out, food production – and consumption – is a major source of greenhouse gasses.  A recent study in the United Kingdom tracked the diets of 212 adults, and what they are within three 24 […]

Good Carbs? Do Those Exist?

When we were kids, we were taught that there are three basic macronutrients – fats, protein, and carbohydrates.  To dive a little deeper, we’ve since discovered that not all fats are created equal, such as saturated and unsaturated fats.  Further research has scientists exploring the possibility that there are “good” carbohydrates and “bad” carbohydrates.  For […]

We Feel What We Eat?

We’ve heard it a thousand times before – “you are what you eat.”   But here’s a new one – “we feel what we eat.”  A recent study by The Norfolk Children in the United Kingdom found that higher levels of fruit and vegetables were associated with high mental well-being scores.Researchers collected data from over […]